Corporate Sport

Tailored Programs

Catered For All Employees

Fun & Engaging

Large or Small Events

Develop a strong corporate culture with SSO Corporate Sport Days!

Are you looking for a fun day out for your team? Our bespoke Corporate Sport Days are the perfect opportunity to strengthen teamwork and spark healthy competition! We tailor your experience based on group size, preference of sport/s and client requirements. SSO delivers workplace sporting tournaments, inter-department challenges, firm vs firm matches or full day events consisting of multiple sports to get all employees involved.

Our specialist team takes care of planning and event management to ensure the day runs smoothly. This includes booking a venue, allocating an event leader, finding officials and supplying equipment. All you need to do is tell us your requirements and advertise to your staff!

Our sports include, but are not limited to, AFL, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Softball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball and Soccer. Small-sided variations are also available for smaller groups.

SSO Corporate Sport Days are ideal for Christmas parties, team celebrations, birthdays, charity events and culture focused workshops.

Playing sport with colleagues promotes physical activity whilst building respect, trust, friendships and communication. Everyone’s a winner!