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Sport Staff One provides qualified and knowledgeable sports trainers for all sports. Our aim is to make sport safer and prevent injuries by delivering the highest level of care to players striving to achieve their best. SSO sports trainers can perform strapping, rubbing, stretching, warm up/cool down exercises & first aid whilst offering guidance on injury management & self-care. We know the importance of providing proper care to players, so they can perform at their best and enjoy sport.

SSO sports trainers are available for inter-school sport, sporting carnivals, club & association sport and individuals or small groups. Our sports trainer placements are full-season, including training and games, or ad hoc as required.

As playing sport comes with inherent risks, it is important to have proper care for players. SSO sports trainers act as a fundamental link between coaches, athletes and sport staff. Roles and responsibilities of an SSO sports trainer include, but are not limited to:

  • Strapping, rubbing, stretching, warm up/cool down exercises
  • Preparing players/athletes to compete
  • First aid
  • Implementing injury prevention strategies
  • Injury management
  • Educating athletes and coaches on prevention strategies for recurring injuries