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Sport Staff One sports counselling is a short-term and solutions focussed counselling service which aims to support and empower players, coaches and sport staff. Sports counsellors are available for one-to- one counselling, group crisis counselling or general debriefing to assist in resolving personal and club/organisation issues.

Poor mental health has proven to negatively impact individuals within sports clubs and organisations to the point that it impacts productivity and on-field performances. Our staff understand this connection and work closely with our clients to deliver sensitive, confidential support to all individuals in need.

SSO provides traditional counselling sessions offsite at professional office locations. However, we also have many clients who choose, either temporarily or permanently, to offer support onsite at their school, club or workplace. This could be because their organisation wants to offer support to all individuals at a central location (e.g. after a critical incident), their players/employees are less likely to self-refer to an offsite location or because they want to provide greater convenience for those seeking support.

When a crisis happens at your organisation you can turn to us for assistance in managing the fallout. Our response model distinguishes between individual crisis counselling, a planned team defuse and critical incidents. Speak to us today about the best type of support for your organisation.